Don't Dump It. Recycle!

Don't let your solar panels go to waste. We recycle and repurpose your used panels and equipment. It helps keep the planet green.

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Located in the foothill of Perth we operate in the very heartland of Australia's rapidly growing renewable energy sector.​

Cutting down on special photovoltaics (PV) waste is a vital part of environmental protections. WA Solar Recycling is committed to supplying the best possible solution by Reducing, Reusing or Recycling solar equipment..

“WA Solar picked up my old panels after I have mine upgraded, they were friendly, efficient and it was great to hear what they’re doing in the World of Solar!” – Steve, Joondalup


Our aim is to prevent (primarily) solar panels from going to landfill. Being the awesome inventions they are they’re also notoriously difficult to recycle! Bar the aluminium frame they’re pretty much inextricable!


We find purposes for all panels which are still of use, mainly we are sending what we can to hard up countries where a small solar kit can make a house a home!


Any panels we receive which cannot be repurposed, we recycle to Australian E waste Standards.

Drop Off Locations
How it Works
From Broome to Albany
WA Solar Recycling has 11 convenient drop off locations around WA. This makes transportation of your old panels as easy as possible.
Three EASY Steps
Follow our easy 3 Step guide on how to get your old solar panels to us.